Franklin Lodge at Hands In 4 Youth Conference Center In NJ

Franklin Lodge is yet another multi-faceted lodging option at the Hands In 4 Youth Conference Center in NJ. A quaint and secluded facility located on the Hands In 4 Youth campgrounds will give you the tools you need to grow as a team.

Building Features

  • Capacity 40
    • 2 large separate dormitory style rooms sleeps up to 18 people
    • 2 smaller teacher/group leader rooms sleeps up to 2 people in each
  • 2 Separate shared bathroom/shower facilities suitable for coed groups
  • A self-contained kitchen with appliances to cater for groups of up to 100 people
  • Large meeting room that is ideal for conferences, teaching, and program activities and can also be used as dining space
  • Outdoor fireplace ideal for campfire and outdoor cooking

Recommended for

  • Social Events
  • Workshops
  • Conference
  • Corporate Team Building In NJ